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Who is Elevate Sport?

Elevate Sport is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimark Sportswear Group. Elevate Sport was founded by Will Andrew and Derrick Milne to establish a retail brand that will service the independent retailers and franchise retailers alike.

Who does Elevate Sport sell to?

Elevate Sport has a cascading mission statement from Trimark Sportswear. As a result Elevate Sport sells exclusively to approved retailers in Canada. The addition comes as a result of our retail channel. Elevate has begun selling into the tourism and souvenir markets as well as the sporting goods market.

Becoming socially compliant.

We have completed a complete audit of our factories to ensure that they are Socially Compliant.  It is our belief that as a result of our corporate volume we have the opportunity to improve the lives of those working in our factories around the globe. In today’s day and age it is the right thing to do! Plus it is increasingly becoming an area of differentiation for our company.

To achieve social compliance in each of our factories we have engaged a third party audit firm, Intertek. Intertek is an internationally recognized firm that specializes in, not only audits, but also the development of best practices in factories across the globe.

The Intertek audits are a considerable expense and will require repeated audits to ensure the standard is maintained. At Trimark Sportswear & Elevate Sport we are making this a top priority as we recognize that Social Compliance has become key distinction between different vendors not to mention it is the right thing to do!

These audits are a measure of how our factories are doing against a predetermined set of guidelines. As a result we at Trimark and Elevate have chosen to comply with these standards of excellence.

  • Compliance Standards Include:
  • Management & Labour treatment
  • Over time regulations and practices
  • Labor force requirements (Age, etc..)
  • Workplace safety (Environment, signage, cleanliness, etc.)

Please take the time to visit and see what exciting things Elevate Sport has to offer.