What is inFusion?

inFusion is a decorating method that seamlessly joins logos with our custom-made fabrics, creating a stylish image that is both lightweight and permanent.

Why inFusion? Lots of reasons...

  • Endless colour possibilities with only one setup cost.
  • Artwork is fused into the fabric, so you get the most breathable and comfortable garment possible.
  • Large maximum imprint dimensions and unique locations. Want your logo wrapped around the hip? On a sleeve? On the pocket? You got it.
  • Need it fast? inFusion orders are eligible for SureShip® so your decorated order is shipped the next day.


  • Maximum logo size is 18" x 12"
  • Logo can cross over seams/zippers*
  • EPS files converted to outlines is required in CMYK breakdown, no white
  • Orders up to 500 pieces will be produced in 5 days from approval of proofs. Production times to be confirmed with your decorating Order Processing Specialist for quantities over 500 pieces.

A few things to note:

White ink can't be used with inFusion. White is treated like empty space, so the natural colour of the garment will show through.

Since artwork is fused into the fabric, certain imprint colours will take on the colour of the garment.

We can distress artwork for a more 'retro' look. Just ensure that this is communicated in the order notes.

Create Unique Looks

See how you can create different looks across multiple colours with inFusion.

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