When you want to maximize sales and profit. When product and pricing options are important. When you want to generate sales all year long—there's Trimark Sportswear Corporate Apparel Programs.

Corporate Programs Uncovered

Many companies use catalogues to market branded merchandise to employees, customers, and prospects. Their challenge is always the same—finding those "must have" items to include that will generate multiple orders. It can drain them of valuable time and energy, cause undo stress, and prove costly if they don't choose wisely.

That's where we come in. Through our Corporate Program Incentives, your customers can incorporate as many of their favourite Trimark products, cross-merchandised across a variety of innovative apparel categories, for maximum sell-through.

Trimark's Corporate Program Benefits

Program Inventory (See More)

Low Minimums (See More)

Guaranteed Pricing (See More)

Less Overhead (See More)

Continuity (See More)

Free Set-ups (See More)

Product Variety (See More)

Merchandising Expertise (See More)

Getting Started

Contact your Trimark Sportswear representative to learn more about registering your program.


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