Strengthening our diverse communities

We believe that in order to be socially responsible, it is important to reach out and strengthen our diverse communities. We are proud to support over 10 different causes throughout Canada, among them "True Patriot Love", a charity for veterans and Camp Oochigeas a residential camp for children living with cancer. We are long standing community leaders and support our local Christian Prayer breakfasts. Our employees participate in many meaningful local charities. We are committed to the Heart and Stroke foundation by putting together a team for the Big Bike Ride every year. We fund raise and employees are allowed paid time off to participate in this important event. Every November, men in our office grow their moustaches to raise awareness and funds for men's cancers.

We are committed to our global partners and understand that their communities are reliant on the textile industry. Our presence is sustaining the livelihood of many families. The Olympics Committee wanted us to use our volumes to improve the lives of those working to produce our garments. The Committee demonstrated their trust in us as we were the first licensee permitted to produce Olympics merchandise in Bangladesh because of our solid procedures and frequent audits. We set realistic goals for the factory owners and educated them on how to improve their audit scores and helped them to achieve their goals. This was a tremendous success as all our factories improved.

Our involvement must reflect the highest recognized responsible standards. Our code of ethics is built around the universally recognized UN Global Compact. Additionally, we engage the services of internationally recognized 3rd party audit firms to verify that our factories are performing to the highest standards in the apparel industry.

Human Rights -We insist that all employees are treated fairly. All our factories must educate their workers on their rights; managers must have relevant training; the working environment must be free from discrimination and harassment, and all Health and Safety precautions must be observed.

Labour - All workers are entitled to basic labour rights: compensation at least in accordance with the minimum compensation required by local laws; legal limitations on the number of hours and days worked; the right to free association and the right to exercise collective bargaining; under no circumstances will we tolerate forced or child labour.

Environment - Our factories must be in compliance with local environmental laws and encourage the use of environmentally sustainable practices. Locally, we have several shredding bins located throughout our building to protect confidentiality. A service provider comes in regularly to empty the bins and recycles the shredded paper. Employees have recycle bins at their work stations. We provide reusable mugs, cutlery and plates for our employees to use rather than using disposable. Our orders are placed electronically, thereby reducing paper waste. Our corrugated boxes are sent to a compactor and recycled.

Anti-Corruption - Trimark values are built on a firm foundation of honesty and trust. All business activities are conducted in an open and transparent manner.

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