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FAQs about ONE

From the design process, to manufacturing, decoration and packaging, we want you to feel as good as we do about what we've created. Here's where we've compiled a list of questions and answers about ONE showing you with complete transparency the ONE story.

1. What is the style number for each ONE product?

  • First Knit Jacket 18126, 98126 and 58126
  • Next Short Sleeve Polo 16219 and 96219
  • Knew Knit Half Zip 17809 and 97809

2. What are the perks for ordering ONE?

Your ONE product will be delivered complete with a reusable bag providing great value for the recipient. The product also includes a unique hangtag with a call to our microsite to learn everything about ONE.

3. Where are the ONE products made?

The ONE products are designed in Canada. The First jacket is assembled in Vietnam. The Next polo and Knew knit are assembled in Cambodia.

4. How did Trimark make it possible to view the life cycle of ONE with complete transparency?

Our code of ethics is important to us, and we only work with those whose goals and ethics are aligned with ours. So, we created more than business relationships with our factories overseas - we created long term partnerships with them. As a result, we are able to show you, with complete transparency, the life cycle of your ONE product.

5. What material are the ONE products made from?

The First jacket is made from 100% Polyester jersey knit with brushed back and a contrast fabric that is 100% Polyester birdseye double-knit. The Next polo is made from 100% Micro polyester interlock knit with wicking finish and 100% Micro polyester graphic gradient interlock knit with wicking finish. The Knew knit is made from 100% Polyester textured knit with wicking finish and a contrast fabric of 100% Micro polyester interlock knit with wicking finish. ONE is perfect for our decoration methods.

6. What colours are available in the ONE products?

The First jacket is available in four colours: 365 Sport Red/White, 431 Olympic Blue/White, 573 Vintage Navy/White and 995 Black/White. The Next polo is available in five colours: 431 Olympic Blue, 550 Metro Blue, 585 Dark Plum, 651 Green Tea and 995 Black. The Knew knit is available in five colours: 358 Team Red/Silver, 430 Aspen Blue/Hi-liter Green, 945 Steel Grey/Silver and 995 Black/Silver.

7. Why is the colour white not available for the ONE product?

a. White is not offered because we package and deliver them in bulk, getting as many as possible to our distribution centre in one large polybag. Therefore, we are using less paper and plastic with each shipment, contributing to the ONE difference.

8. Is there a LTM charge? What is the minimum order quantity?

LTM charge is $50 net. The minimum quantity for each ONE garment varies. It can be found on our product pages, by clicking the style: First, Next and Knew.

9. What decoration methods/locations are available on the ONE products?

Click to download the impact looks for each ONE product.

10. Can I get the "ONE" bag for other products?

No, the bag is unique to this item only, and we don't stock additional inventory in this bag.

11. Can the bag be decorated with my customer's logo?

Yes. True Edge Transfers only can be applied to the fabric and construction of the bag.

12. Is this product available in the TPL line? Can it be shipped into the US for Canadian distributors?

Yes and Yes. Exception: we cannot ship youth products to the US, and the youth style is not in the TPL line.