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Feb 07/20

New Lower Price

New Lower Price

New lower price on Canada's favourite styles!

Feb 03/20

EcoSmart Styles


EcoSmart styles are made from over 30% recycled polyester.

Jan 30/20

Water Protection

Water Protection

This wearther is the worst, we can't fix the weather, but we can keep you comfy in it.

Jan 30/20

Warmth levels

Warmth level

It's getting cold out there, we've got the thing.

Sep 30/19

Things are Heating Up


The Shefford Heat Panel Vest Kit

Aug 12/19

Your Favourite Sweater But Even Better


These ones are made with our easy care washable wool blend.

May 17/19

Best-Selling Active Knits

Active Flyer

Our best-selling active knits

May 17/19

Best-Selling Polos

Polo Flyer

Our best-selling Polos

May 17/19

Best-Selling Jackets

jacket Flyer

Our best-selling Jackets

Feb 19/19

Interior Branding Idea Guide 2019

interior branding

Built for branding, even on the inside.

Feb 19/19

inFusion Information Flyer


Learn more about capabilities and opportunities with our inFusion decoration method.

Jan 14/19

Weather The Storm

Water Levels

Use our water protection and breathability ratings to see how much protection each jacket provides.

Jan 14/19

How much warmth do you need?

Warmth Levels

Our warmth ratings make it easy to find the right jacket.

Dec 21/18

Your Brand

Trimark Label Print Flyer  Redesign

All The Way Down To The Label.

Dec 21/18

Built For Branding, Even On The Inside

Interior Branding Flyer  Redesign

Give your branding a more personal feel standard interior imprint locations on select garments.

Aug 08/16


HXD offers all new possibilities for your logo.