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The Power of ONE

ONE is making a difference in the way we design, manufacture and deliver our products. Our relentless pursuit to find better ways to develop and manufacture our products is alive and well with the launch of ONE. Trimark has created ONE as a truly innovative product from its sourcing transparency through to its decoration and distribution.

So, what makes ONE so different? ONE is not Fast Fashion. Fast Fashion is disposable fashion, made without consideration to the overall lifecycle of a product and its impact. In short, it is disposable fashion. It does not consider the personal health and safety impact on workers or its consumers. Fast Fashion creates more pollution and waste, and minimal efforts to produce quality products with time honoured methods that have timeless style. Choosing ONE means that together we have made a lighter impact on the earth and our environment, therefore making a difference for the better.

You can see the transparent journey of ONE from start to finish at ONE is taking the time to consider its impact to the world. The strong relationship Trimark has built with their vendors allows you to see the actual sewers of each jacket. Nothing is hidden with the ONE jacket. You will know where it came from, how it was made and who made it before it reaches your closet.

Throughout the ONE supply chain Trimark has been focused on eliminating duplications and needless waste. For example, there is only one polybag throughout the entire process, only one UPC, and one hangtag. These details may initially seem small, however they required considerable changes to our supply chain and took over 18 months to develop, which is why we have chosen to only develop one style at a time. The savings we uncovered were then reinvested back into each garment, resulting in a classic product enhanced with our unique impactful branding options and high-quality reusable packaging.

What is even more unique about ONE is you can 'close the loop'. Once you are done with your ONE jacket, you can send it back to be recycled. Recycling polyester will help reduce our dependency on petroleum and reduce toxins from incinerators.

ONE was designed to be shared with our distributors, as well as their customers. The product itself has many uses and can be applied to all markets. Join us as we design and develop ONE for all and become part of the all for ONE.

Visit and order your FIRST ONE jacket today.

About Trimark Sportswear

Trimark Sportswear is a leader in branded apparel, combining innovative sportswear, leading decoration techniques and full-service support to evoke the pride of any message, brand or company. Founded in 1975, Trimark is a five-time award winner as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies, a winner of one of 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures (2013) and a winner of numerous industry awards.

Trimark designs, manufactures and decorates branded apparel for promotional distributors and retail markets, including Team, University, Golf and Resort, in Canada and the USA. Trimark Sportswear was selected as the Activewear Licensee for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and ParaOlympic Winter Games, Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and currently holds licenses for Roots73 and Puma. Our private brands include: Elevate, Landmark, OnTour and Outerboundary.