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Announcement - Trimark Announces US Addition

Michael Snyder Joins Trimark Sportswear Group.

Derrick Milne, CEO of Trimark Sportswear, is pleased to announce that Michael Snyder has joined Trimark as Director of US Business Development. Michael comes with over 20 years of extensive apparel experience, encompassing retail, global sourcing, design and merchandising, as well as sales and marketing management. The past 15 years have been dedicated to servicing the US distributor base in the corporate apparel market, with recent positions including Director of Sales and Marketing for Tri-Mountain Apparel and Vice President of Sales for Hartwell Apparel. During the next several months, Michael will be validating and updating our understanding of the needs and opportunities for US distributions in the promotional apparel market.

"I am thrilled to be part of this organization. In 20+ years I have not seen this level of fashion, talent, and capability all come together under one roof. The best practices of both Trimark and Leed?s, supported in full by the PCNA family, will make for an exciting and extremely compelling cross-border full-service apparel option. There is nothing ?me too? about what we will bring to market. We will look to reinvent and innovate at every turn."

Michael Snyder - Trimark Sportswear Group, Director of US Business Development